Founded by a physical therapist with knowledge and experience in Strength and Conditioning, Athletics and Olympic Weightlifting. This knowledge is used to provide thorough evaluation and movement assessment performed to determine source of the pain as well as the underlying dysfunctions that lead to injury with your specific sport or activity. We then develop a proper plan to fully address the root cause rather than a just “quick fix.”

This allows us to give you the tools to get you out of pain, improve performance and correct the issues so it never returns.

At Whole Strength, you will always spend 100% of your time with your Doctor of Physical Therapy. Our standard is a 1:1 ratio of patients to doctor, with highly individualized patient care, unlike the traditional insurance based model, where it is typically a 4:1 (or more!) ratio.

Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, which has begun to reimburse less and less, we are out of network with all insurance companies. This model allows our practitioners to focus on quality patient care and YOUR needs and goals without being dictated by insurance rules and regulations. This also allows for transparency of pricing. You will never receive a bill from us weeks or months after a treatment session. You are made aware what you owe up front and total!

Whole Strength believes in proactive prevention and ongoing maintenance to reduce risk of injury. This means added focus on pre-screening, prevention, and identifying impairments as well as maintenance of general health and wellness, rather than just being reactive when injury happens.

The goal is to make physical therapy accessible and approachable to the community by bridging the gap between injury risk reduction, movement optimization, rehabilitative and wellness services, and athletics.

Whether you are an athlete progressing towards peak performance, or simply want to eliminate nagging pain so that you can enjoy an active lifestyle once again, Whole Strength can help you return to pain-free movement, optimize your body’s movement and performance, and crush your goals!

Whole Strength believes in lifelong movement and being the best we can be without letting past injuries, pain or diagnoses dictate what we can do.