Are you are looking to improve your mobility, reduce pain and actually get back to activities you love? Performance physical therapy at Whole Strength offers a solution.


Our experience will help you identify the root cause of your issue and develop an effective plan for rehabilitation that supports your body’s natural healing process and allows you to recover.

Gone are the days of resting and going back to an activity the caused pain in a more deconditioned state. We develop a plan to prepare your body for the demands of the activity or sport you so you can return performing to at a high level and without re-injury.


Interested in what it would look if you choose to work with us?


We typically start with a Free Discovery Call.

We use this to dive into your issue with your prior to beginning care. This ensures that your issue is something that we can help you resolve. If you are a good fit then we can get scheduled for an in person session.


Initial Evaluation: We take an individual approach to diagnose your condition and build a path to recovery.

Our initial evaluation includes a deep dive into your story to determine the root cause of the current condition. This also includes physical examination, assessing how you move, looking at strength and mobility limitations as well as the use of specialized tests. We use this information to diagnose the root cause of your issue and create an individualized plan for rehabilitation.

Our goal for your first session is for you to have a clear understanding of the issue that you are dealing with and a plan to resolve the issue for good. Your performance physical therapist will work with you every step of the way to help you regain your mobility, reduce pain, and get back to activities you love!


Customized Treatment Plan: Based on our evaluation, we craft an individual plan utilizing exercise and manual therapy to address you unique needs to reduce pain and prepare your body for the specific demands placed on your body with the activity you want to perform.

Our plan typically includes both active and passive treatment, such as flexibility, strength, balance, and motor control exercises. We use manual therapy such as soft tissue techniques and joint mobilization to enhance your recovery time and prevent recurrent pain to allow you to perform your exercises with minimal pain. Our performance physical therapists guide you every step of the way because we believe that collaboration between patient and therapist is key to successful rehabilitation.


Implementation of Treatment Plan: We assess your progress and fine tune the plan to keep you progressing towards your personal goals during each session.

Once a treatment plan is developed, your physical therapist will guide you in the implementation of that plan. We monitor your progress during each visit and the treatment plan adjusted accordingly.

No more just performing your home exercise program while your are in the clinic. We push you as able each session to make progress as quickly as possible. We will provide professional guidance and use our advanced skills as movement experts to help you learn new ways to move, restore your strength, regain range of motion, improve balance and ultimately reduce or eliminate pain with your goals in mind to allow you to have a clear path back to the activities that you want to perform.


Continued Support and Communication: You have access to your therapist throughout the process. No waiting for the next session to make changes if something isn’t working.

Your clinician is always available to answer questions and to provide ongoing support and guidance. We want you to make progress between your sessions so that at the next session we can further advance you towards your goals. We strive to provide the most up-to-date techniques and evidence-based techniques so that you can continue your recovery with confidence. We’re also committed to open communication throughout the entire process, with effective patient/clinician communication as one of our top priorities.

Have a question about one of your home exercises? Unsure about a new program that your trainer has given you? Unsure if you should do that longer run after having some tightness during your last time out? 
You are able to contact your therapist they will be in touch within the day.



Have you been frustrated with the progress or lack of progress you are making or have made with other providers? Have you not been able to return to activities that you love? Reach out for a free discovery call and we can discuss your issues and determine a plan so that you can stop missing out!